Different Styles - Jib-Vid

Titel: "Different Styles" - Oakley Jib Vid
Description: Totally unexpected and of course without any preparation or any clue about what was going on, SPOTelicious took part in the Oakley Jib-Vid contest (28h time for filming & editing) at Mayrhofen from 18 to 19/03. Two days before the event we got the request to jump into the already existing Italien Vans Team cause their regular filmer couldn't take part. So Christoph decided to head to Mayrhofen to join Matteo Zappaterra & Lorenzo Barbieri. The guys had prepared kind of an old-school 80's vs. new-school story. Even though we didn't made it into the top 10, it was much fun and definitly a new expirience.
Year: 2010
Duration: 2:15 min.