UPFORCE Young Gun Dennis Garhammer

Titel: UPFORCE Young Gun Dennis Garhammer
Client: ATZE Entertainment
Description: ...some snippets from a last autumn session 2010. Additional rider in the double: Kai Haase.
SPOTelicious/ ATZE Entertainment is currently working on a complete Upforce Clip. So check back in 2011!!
Year: 2010
Duration: 01:34 min.


One Day In Berlin - Extended Version

Titel: One Day In Berlin - Extended Version
Client: Fourtsreets Sport Marketing / Falk Navigation
Description: Extended/ Producers Version of Falk Ibex Navigation Image Clip featuring MTB Rider Tobi Wrobel and BMX Rider Sven 'Sprosse' Lehmann.
Year: 2010
Duration: 06:45min.

One Day In Berlin - Extended Version from SPOTelicious on Vimeo.


Back In My Yard - The Making-Of

Titel: "Back In My Yard - The Making-Of"
Client: Joscha Forstreuter
Description: The 'Making-Of' Joscha Forstreuter's Back In My Yard 'Ride, Shoot & Edit' Contest. Four Teams consisting of one filmer, one photgrapher and three MTB riders have been invited to join this jam. The movie shows the teams 'behind the scenes'.....
Year: 2010
Duration: 13:30 min.


Tony Hawk meets Juergen Horrwarth

Titel: Tony Hawk meets Juergen Horrwarth
Client: Relentless Energy
Description: The Birdhouse Team along with Tony Hawk dropped by at Skatehalle-Berlin for a secret demo.
Skatehalle-Berlin was honoured by the visit of those high ranking guests: In a first round, Derek Burdette, Riley Hawk, David Loy and Aaron “Jaws” Homoki rocked the street course along with some locals, followed by an outstanding session in Juergen's freshly renovated Relentless vert ramp.
Year: 2010
Duration: 4:00 min.

Tony Hawk meets Juergen Horrwarth from SPOTelicious on Vimeo.


1st White Delight Camp, Mayrhofen Austria

Titel: 1st White Delight Camp in Mayrhofen, Austria
Client: White Delight
Description: The clip features some moments and highlights of the 1st White Delight camp from 6th to 13th March 2010 in Mayrhofen, Austria. A group of 40 people enjoyed some powder sessions, the White Lounge igloo bar at night, the legendary Wängl Tängl event from the Ästhetiker crew and did finally their own little jam contest....
Year: 2010
Duration: 6:45 min.


Winch Battle 2010, Potsdam

Titel: "Winch Battle 2010"
Description: Short Doku about the Winch Battle in an indoor swimming pool in Potsdam.
Disciplines: Open Men, Open Ladies & Wakekskate
Year: 2010
Duration: 3:30 min.

Different Styles - Jib-Vid

Titel: "Different Styles" - Oakley Jib Vid
Description: Totally unexpected and of course without any preparation or any clue about what was going on, SPOTelicious took part in the Oakley Jib-Vid contest (28h time for filming & editing) at Mayrhofen from 18 to 19/03. Two days before the event we got the request to jump into the already existing Italien Vans Team cause their regular filmer couldn't take part. So Christoph decided to head to Mayrhofen to join Matteo Zappaterra & Lorenzo Barbieri. The guys had prepared kind of an old-school 80's vs. new-school story. Even though we didn't made it into the top 10, it was much fun and definitly a new expirience.
Year: 2010
Duration: 2:15 min.


Kings Of Xtreme, Leipzig, 30.-31.01.10

Titel: "Kings Of Xtreme"
Client: Vans
Description: Featuring the Vans riders, like Busty Wolter, Fabian Bauersachs, Kai Haase, Amir Kabbani, Benny Korthaus, Markus Hampl, Markus 'Monkey' Braumann, Benny Paulsen, and also some other riders like Fredd Johansson, Brice Izzo, Remi Bizouard, Massimo Bianconcini,....
Year: 2010
Duration: 5:53 min.


Ride with Roczen

Titel: "Ride with Roczen"
Client: Red Bull
Description: Ken Roczen & Red Bull invited 20 MX Rookies (8-15 years) for a 3 days coaching camp at Ken's privat compound.
Year: 2009
Duration: 2:16 min.

Six In The Mix

Titel: "Six In The Mix"
Client: Vans
Description: Vans & Norden Surfboards invitational Surfevent. The Surfer had to ride 6 different Boardshapes......a skate team completet the package.
Year: 2009
Duration: 6:58 min.

Sweetspot Allstars Jam '09 - Teaser

Titel: Sweetspot Allstars Jam '09 - Teaser
Description: Fredd Johansson's traditional Jam Week in Sweden. Teaser to promote the premier of the 45 min. movie at the WeSC concept store in Stockholm.
Client: Cayenne Design (Sweden)
Year: 2009
Duration: 1:40 min.

Vans Image Teaser

Titel: "Vans Image Teaser"
Client: Vans
Year: 2009
Duration: 0:45 min.

Kruse & Puse in Berlin

Titel: "Kruse & Puse in Berlin", Skategirls Image Teaser
Client: Vans
Year: 2009
Duration: 5:00 min


Titel: "Sinumerik", Production Teaser
Description: Webclip which shows cnc-production to promote the new Treeknowledge shape.
Client: Treeknowledge Wakeskates
Year: 2009
Duration: 1:50 min.


WeKnowLedge - Webclip

Titel: "WeKnowLedge", Image Clip
Client: Treeknowledge Wakeskates
Year: 2009
Duration: 3:37 min.